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To every thing there is a season...

Tree of Life and the seasons are a continuing theme in my work. I'm fascinated by the colors and textures of various seasons, particularly the fall with it's explosion of color. Below are just some of my seasonal creations in stained glass.


4 Seasons Window Panel

26″ x 30″

This dramatic stained glass window features a large tree with leaves representing the four seasons against a swirl of blue on clear glass sky. Hand knit wire leaves are affixed and enhance the summer, fall and spring sections of this dramatic window.

4 Seasons in 4 Panels

29" x 45"

Each season is represented in it's own space, but in one tree continuing from panel to panel. This set is a quadriptych which can be hung as one or individually.  Designed with 1" space between each panel. 

4SeasonsTree_4panels copy.jpg
4seasonstree-2 copy.jpg

4 Seasons Tree of Life with Stand

16" x 20" including stand.

The tree stands tall on your window sill, mantel, or table top. It does not need direct sunlight but catches the light to show off multi-colored leaves and hand-crafted glass nugget "blossoms". The tree sits in a wrought iron half circle stand.

Tree of Life

Various sizes and shapes of trees, all with colorful nuggets. You'll notice the raindrop sky background which highlights the leaf and nugget colors.

3Trees copy.jpg
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