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From darkness...

In the fall of 2017, my husband Marty and I joined a group of congregants from Congregation Beth Or in Maple Glen PA on a fascinating 2 week pilgrimage to Poland and Israel. The trip was designed to trace our roots and gain a deeper understanding for our history as Jews.

This collection of stained glass windows was inspired by that pilgrimage, both the deeply depressing images of concentration camps and uplifting images pointing us to a bright future. We begin with the darkness...


Never Forget

16" x 22.5"

Virtually all that is left of extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau are distant chimneys from prisoner residence blocks and barbed wire.

This window is layers of glass to create the effect of spirits inhabiting the desolate landscape. It is created in the copper foil method of stained glass creation. Three-dimensional barbed wire is created with copper core wire.

Of Blessed Memory

25.5" x 28"

Most Polish Jewish cemeteries were destroyed during World War II. Individual grave sites were unidentifiable and the land was littered with “puzzle” pieces of headstone. After the war, walls were built around the destroyed cemeteries incorporating the damaged headstones, honoring the spirit of those lost. This window is a multi layer creation. Many of the glass pieces are etched with the actual text from the walls. Random shapes and thick glass “grout” form the background. Two hands are 3 dimensionally hand knit with copper core wire forming the hand movement for the Priestly Blessing.


Through the Tears of 6 Million

22.5" x 28.5"

One of the most powerful locations we visited during our pilgrimage to Poland and Israel was the death camp, Majdanek. As we walked past this horrendous space, a gas chamber, I felt the beauty and spirit of all of the lost souls in the shades of blue-green on the far wall.

Tears well up as I even think of this site.

Synagoga Tempel

16" x 16"

The vast majority of Polish synagogues were destroyed during WWII but one stained glass window remained in the rafters on one building left untouched. This window was my inspiration and gave some hope towards a brighter future.

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