knit inspired items created by Jill Tarabar for JiSTdesigns, stained glass from a knitter's hand and vice verse

What inspires you?

knit stitches inspired this small stained glass ombre look panel designed and created by Jill Tarabar of JiSTdesignsSometimes inspiration seems so random.

Most recently, inspiration came during a quick trip to my local Joann Fabrics. On a mission for I don’t remember what, I was stopped in my tracks by a knitted swatch of super bulky yarn… but to me it looked like Stained Glass! I could literally picture that swatch as a stained glass window. Instantly Knit Inspired!

Lightbulb moment!

a vase to store your knitting needles or fiber tools created by jill tarabar for JiSTdesigns

Yes, those are vintage metal knitting needles soldered right into the design of this tall vase. Perfect for storing your knitting needles, scissors or even reading glasses! Click here for more details.

I’ve been working with stained glass for close to 40 years… and knitting forever. For years I’ve been searching for ways to combine knitting and stained glass, in fact my personal tag line reads “Stained glass from a knitter’s hand… and vice versa”

What if I literally created knit stitches into stained glass box lids? Knitting needle holders? Knit stitch markers? Sun catchers? Window panels?knit inspired items created by Jill Tarabar for JiSTdesigns, stained glass from a knitter's hand and vice verse

So I drove home inspired, pulled out the bulkiest yarn and largest needles I could find in my stash and got busy knitting swatches. Starting with stockinette stitch, I scanned those swatches and turned the stitches into stained glass designs. This designs then became the lid of a box created in a beautiful shade of sky blue.

Another light bulb moment… What if I solder knitting needles right into an item?! Pulled out my handy little circular saw and the rest is history! And yes, sorry… **metal knitting needles are harmed in the process of creating these items**

Knit Inspired Ombre…

Knit inspiration took hold as I searched through my glass reserves. What about an ombre effect? Perhaps self striping or even Faire Isle? The possibilities are endless…

To view all of my knit inspired stained glass, stop by my booth at any of my upcoming craft festivals (click here for schedule) or visit either of my two etsy shops… JiSTknits and JiSTglass as different items are listed for sale in each.








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