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any item made of pieces of glass, foiled and soldered together


Beth Or Chanukah Bazaar

Stop by the Congregation Beth Or Chanukah Bazaar where I’ll have a variety of stained glass gift items available including jewelry boxes, picture frames, night lights and hand mirrors as well as stained glass Chanukah Menorahs available. Also a variety of hand knit wire jewelry incorporating glass elements.

Support Beth Or Sisterhood, sample fresh potato latkes, enter to win door prizes, and shop till you drop at this great holiday event.

stained glass peace sign, tree of life mantle art, wire knit jewelry and more will be for sale at the Peace Fair on Sept 23, 2017

Peace Fair – Saturday, September 23

Peace. Is it black and white? Shades of gray? or Rainbow colors?

Explore all the shades of Peace on Saturday, September 23 at the Peace Fair. Located in Lahaska PA at Buckingham Friends Meeting on Rt 202/263, just south of Peddler’s Village from 10:30 am to 4 pm! Hope to see you there!

Peace Fair 2017 is located at Buckingham Friends Meeting in Lahaska, PA on Saturday, September 23 from 10:30am to 4pm

Its my birthday and i'll have a sale if i want too so take 15% off any item in each of my etsy shops JiSTglass, JiSTknits, or JiSTjewels through Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Happy Birthday to ME!

It’s only once that you reach a milestone birthday… or any birthday for that matter… but all are cause for celebration! And in honor of my birthday, I’m offering 15% off Happy Birthday to Me Sale in each of my shops through Tuesday, August 22! Prices are marked down in each shop… no need for coupon codes on this one.

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JiSTglassJiSTjewels or JiSTknits!

Way back in early July, my husband and kids surprised me with a party and what a surprise it was! I had absolutely no idea. Who would think they were the focus of a surprise party almost 2 months before the actual occasion?! So yes, I was surprised.

And we had so much fun! My sister and her daughter flew up from Florida… My son and his wife drove in from Boston… My daughter and her boyfriend were instrumental in helping with planning…  Friends from near and far helped to celebrate back in July, and now it’s your turn!

Happy Birthday to Me!


ShipFREE Cyber Monday thru Dec. 14th!

December… De-summerJiSTdesigns offers free shipping from Cyber Monday (Dec. 1) through  ill-timed summer vacation ending on Sunday, Dec. 14

What happens when you plan a vacation… your summer vacation… for the first week in December? Free shipping, that’s what!

Yes. My vacation is ill-timed for an artist selling online, but it has been planned for over a year and (yeah!) it’s here!

So beginning on Cyber Monday, December 1 through Sunday, December 14, I’m offering FREE domestic shipping on any items purchased in either of my etsy shops.

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Please be aware that all items purchased (after Dec. 3) will ship on Monday, December 15.

If you are interested in a Chanukah Menorah, please do purchase before December 3 to insure delivery before Chanukah begins!

Thank you and Happy De-summer!


An Extraordinary Discovery

The Chicago Bean in Millennium ParkHave you ever spent time in a new place, wandering aimlessly from your hotel with a vague destination in mind only to come across something extraordinary that you wouldn’t have expected?

My husband, Marty and I spent a weekend last fall in Chicago – I attended Vogue Knitting Live which was amazing in itself, and he arranged a business trip to keep me company. Saturday afternoon, after my knitting classes were over, we set out from our hotel in search of lunch and to see some of the sites along the way.

Our first discovery was The Cloud Gate, AKA “The Bean” in Millennium Park. As you approach this enormous sculpture, you notice the brilliant reflection of the sky, the city and the people walking around it. As you get closer, the images multiply and absorb your like no other…

We continued walking – we do a lot of walking when we are exploring a new place – to the Navy Pier for lunch. We followed a young couple who looked like they knew where they were going… after a couple of backtracks, twists and turns, we reached the pier and learned just how windy the windy city could be!

Navy Pier Chicago against the beautiful blue skyThe day was beautiful but very brisk. We walked along the pier with the wind in our faces, shivering but in awe of the beautiful blue sky and interesting scenery.

Stopping for lunch on the pier, we spoke with our waitress about the area, the people and the pier. She mentioned a Stained Glass Museum which immediately peaked my interest… Stained Glass museum on the Navy Pier? Ok…?

After lunch we decided to walk down the indoor walkway to stay a little warmer. We left the restaurant, turned right and…

Holy copper foil Batman!

An original Tiffany window on display at Navy Pier ChicagoModern… Abstract… Religious Iconology… Tiffany!  Beautiful.

The Stained Glass Museum is a free exhibit which lines the interior hallway of the Navy Pier. It is organized by genre and artist… and magnificent! Enjoy!

Stained_Glass_Judaica_Chicago Stained_Glass_Judaica_Chicago_2 Stained_Glass_geometric_Chicago Stained_Glass_Franklin_Chicago Stained_Glass_Chicago_Tiffany_1 Stained_Glass_Chicago_Tiffany_2 Stained_Glass_Chicago_found_objects Stained_Glass_Chicago_2 Stained_Glass_Chicago_1 clear_bevel_window_chicago

and of course, because we are in Chicago… Michael Jordan!Michael Jordan Stained Glass Window at the Stained Glass Museum in Chicago



A “Make it work” moment or perhaps… Just Do It!

The concepts materialize.. the words flow brilliantly…

And then I step out of the shower… crap!

What was I thinking? What did I want to say? What was that phrase that sounded so eloquent a moment ago?
Turn the water back on! Help!

I spend my weekdays creating blog posts, newsletter articles, advertisements, coupons… all for my day job.
When I get home in the evening, in front of the computer is the last place I want to be.
Give me a set of knitting needles, some yarn and maybe some beads and I’m happy. Relaxed.

On the weekends, cleaning, errands, baking, creating stained glass items for my other etsy shop… more knitting… again… staying away from the computer.

Well – that is about to change! New day, new leaf…


Split Personality

Glass and fiber couldn’t be more different.  Sharp, clear, rigid… soft, lofty, pliable.

But something draws me to both of them equally.  Design ideas flow from one medium to the other as a new knitted cable design might inspire a stained glass picture frame or the texture in a sheet of glass triggers a knitted poncho design.

I’ve been known to literally walk through a yarn store scribbling ideas for a glass vase or picture frame, talking to myself or anyone around who will listen about the idea and its possibilities.  They think I’m nuts!

The colors of autumn (she writes on an 80 degree May day!) inspire a wonderful frame and fingerless gloves simultaneously.  The gloves were fun to create with glass beads knitted into the lace design.  The picture frame contains a photo from my daughter’s wedding… Flame Frame in Amber and Red - Dayna and Matta not so traditional frame for a wedding photo.

I must admit, it is easier to knit most days.  Working on stained glass takes time and energy.  It takes planning.  Knitting is a relaxing-in-the-evening activity. It travels well.

Stained glass… not so much…

But I’m drawn to both and will some day figure out a way to combine the two… stay tuned!


Welcome to JiSTdesigns!

Welcome to JiSTdesigns!

Today is the first sunny spring day we’ve had in forever… and here I sit in front of the computer watching dark clouds roll in.

I’ve been planning to start a blog for a very long time but now that it’s in front of me, my mind is blank.  Guess that’s not unusual.  I’m more of a craftsperson than a writer so this blog will be filled with photos of my ideas and creations and some thoughts on my creative process (aka creative confusion!)

I work in fiber and glass… some day I’ll figure out a wonderful way to combine the two.  For now, I knit scarves, hats, wraps, fingerless or texting gloves, bags that are then felted and whatever else strikes my fancy.  My glass work is centered around functional items such as boxes and picture frames – things that have a purpose – although I have been know to create a “what the heck is that?” type object once in a while!

Here you’ll see it all!

Hope you enjoy!  ~jill