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The back of my new design Turning Leaves Shawl or Poncho available on etsy JiSTknits and Ravelry

Turning Leaves Shawl (slash) Poncho

Finally… finally… finally I’ve written and published the pattern for my Turning Leaves Shawl / Poncho!

Why did it take so long you might ask? Well. Let me tell you. Time truly flies, doesn’t it? When my full time job ended in July, I had hoped to have lots of time available to leisurely write knitting patterns but… nooooo…. not so much.

So it’s taken months and taken a very professional path including tech editing and test knitting… Voila!

Turning Leaves Shawl or Poncho pattern available at JiSTknits on etsy and Ravelry

And from the back where you truly see the design elements:

The back of my new design Turning Leaves Shawl or Poncho available on etsy JiSTknits and Ravelry

You can see that the leaves are knit on as a border from front to back and run in two different directions. The center leaf is worked over short rows, joining the two sides. The shawl turns into a poncho by sewing three buttons evenly spaced along the lower front of the shawl. Yarn over sections are used as button holes, eliminating the need to knit in button holes! Easy peasy!

Pattern details:

The pattern calls for DK weight yarn and US #8 knitting needles. It can be knit in worsted weight on a #8 or bulky (maybe go up to a #10 needle).  If you choose to use a lighter weight yarn such as fingering, a smaller needle would be appropriate – perhaps a #6. In this case, additional rows can be added for length in multiples of 18.

Where can you find it?

This pattern is available as a downloadable PDF, click here to view the pattern on Etsy… or click here to view the pattern on Ravelry!

Please feel free to link your project to the pattern page on Ravelry… I’d love to see photos of your work. And as always, be in touch with any questions or suggestion!

Happy Knitting!


Skillshare course image knit a mobius with beads as taught by Jill Tarabar of JiSTknits

Learn From Me!

Years ago, I taught an Intro to Stained Glass class through our local adult ed program. This weekly course was fun as I was able to share my knowledge with adult students eager to learn a new skill. It was rather exhausting though as I needed to carry crates of glass, tools and supplies back and forth each week.

I recently took a leap of faith and jumped back in to the teaching mode. I’ve recorded my first video lessons for Skillshare.com, and awesome website that allows folks with some knowledge to share those skills with folks who are curious and anxious to learn. The class is set up in “bite-sized” chunks… short videos that you can watch over and over.

Skillshare classes are designed to be project-based, so my first class introduces the skills needed to knit a Mobius Infinity Cowl! You only really need to know how to complete a knit stitch. The class will cover these 3 additional skills:

  • Provisional Crochet Cast-on
  • Adding Beads as you knit
  • Kitchener Stitch

Skillshare is a subscription-based website which allows you to view unlimited video classes with membership. Click here to register for my class and get 3 months of Skillshare Premium for only $0.99 for unlimited access to this and thousands of online classes. Also included in my written pattern for a Mobius Cowl which you can also find in my JiSTknits Etsy Shop.

Here is the introduction video… Let me know what you think!