Many of the shawls found in my shop, JiSTknits on Etsy start with a simple triangle from which individual garments evolve with decorative edges, borders and beads.  A triangle shaped shawl can be knitted from the bottom up… side to side or in this case, from the top down.  Starting at the back of the neck with very few stitches, the triangle shape is achieved through rythmic increases.

triangle shawl knit with lace border

Triangle shawl knit of a light rayon hand dyed yarn with an open lace and bead edging.

• Approximately 200-500 yards of yarn of your choice. (Purchase an additional 100-500 more yards for bottom edge lace or ruffle)
• Round knitting needle 1-4 sizes larger than yarn packaging suggests in order to achieve either a firm (the size the yarn manufacturer suggests)  or an open and airy knit fabric (a larger needle than suggested).
• 36-50 beads with a large enough hole to fit 2 strands of yarn – optional
• 1 yard of waste yarn
• 4 stitch markers

Sizing: One size fits all. Finished shawl size (as pictured at right) approximately 58 wide x 29” tall.

Gauge:  Gauge will vary and is not important with this garment.

green triangle shawl with buttons and leaf border

This triangle was knit of a nubby green cotton with a traveling leaf design along the bottom edge. Optional buttons turn the simple triangle into a poncho.

Slip Stitch Pearlwise
– slide right hand needle into stitch with yarn in front as if to purl. Shift stitch from left needle to right needle without making a new stitch.
Yarn Over Increase – bring the knitting yarn around the needle between two existing stitches on one row, and then work that strand as a stitch when you work your way back to it in the next row.
Stockinette Stitch – Knit right side rows. Purl wrong side rows
Garter Stitch – Knit every row

Select yarn: Choose yarn and needle size to knit a loose fabric that will drape, have some body but little or no stiffness. This easy shawl can be knit with any weight yarn from lace to bulky. I especially like working this pattern with a yarn with thin and thick textures.

Set up:Using waste yarn of a similar weight as your project yarn but contrasting color, cast on 3 stitches. Change to your shawl yarn and garter stitch for 5 ridges.  Next row: knit across the three stitches, pick up 5 stitches along the garter ridge. Remove the waste yarn and knit the three stitches from your cast on edge. (11 sts)

This periwinkle blue shawl has a wide ruffle knitted at the bottom. It is 100% cotton and available in my etsy shop.

Row 1 (RS): sl 1, knit 1 sts, place marker (pm), yo, k3, yo, pm, k1, pm, yo, k3,yo, pm, k2. (15 sts)

Row 2 (WS): sl 1, k1, purl 5, slip marker, p1, slip marker, purl 5, slip marker, k2.

Repeat Rows 1 & 2, slipping the first stitch of each row and maintaining the 2 stitch garter stitch edge and 1 stitch between yo’s on center back, you will be increasing 4 stitches on each right side row (2 stitches between each yarn over, except the center.) Continue to desired length minus the width of whatever decorative border you choose. Your border design will dictate the number of stitches needed at the bottom edge.

Part two will discuss border edge designs including lace, cable and fringe.

Happy Knitting!

41 thoughts on “Simple Knit Triangle Shawl free Pattern

  1. This is fantastic and I’ll definitely be trying it soon. I would like to know more about the alternated borders, can you tell me when this will be available?

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

    Happy Knitting!

  2. Love your designs!
    When will Part II instructions for borders be available?? If I missed it, can you please provide a link?

    1. Thanks Adaria! I posted Part I and then took off for vacation for a week (with no internet access!) Just got back early this morning… I hope to have Part II available within the next few days.

  3. Thank you so much for posting the shawl pattern and part I of your border tutorial.
    I have my yarn, needles and your shawl pattern/ instructions, so am all set to knit my first shawl.
    I am learning so much from your knitting blog and am eagerly waiting for you to post Part II of the tutorial.
    Thanks for sharing your expertise with all of us.

    1. chloe, thank you for your wonderful comments! I hope to post Part 2 this weekend… but truth be told, I’ve been saying that for weeks! So much to do… so little time!

    1. Hi Ann, I hope to… unfortunately, I haven’t had time to get my act together blog-wise for quite some time! Maybe this weekend… 🙂

  4. what type of yarn did you use for the yellow shawl with the fringe? Would you be able to provide the pattern for that edging yet?

    1. Dianne, that yarn was a wonderful nubby cotton that knitted up to a worsted weight. I try to keep a bit of yarn with the label but I can not seem to find that one in my files. If I come across it, I’ll let you know. Just posted the pattern today. Let me know if you have any questions. ~Jill

  5. I was wondering if you ever had a chance to post the pattern for the bottom of the yellow shawl with the fringe edging?


    1. Hi Barbara, just posted the pattern for the fringe edging. Please read through it and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Jill

    1. Hi Bernadette, sorry but that shawl sold in September 2011 from my etsy shop. Unfortunately I have not been able to purchase more of that yarn since. Jill

  6. I am going to try and knit the green shawl that has the leaf design at the bottom. What size needles did you use. and is this the complete instructions to that shawl. I am new and knitting a shawl.? How many stitches did you cast on at the beginning?
    I have size 6 circular needles. I am knitting a scarf right now with them. When I get through I will start the shawl. If this is not the complete instructions could you email the instruction me. I only have 426yds and it is Meriono Wool 60 %acrtylic. Cascade Yarns Pacific.
    Marieva Munson

    1. Marieva, 426 yards should be enough to complete the shawl with border. I have not put together the pattern for the leaf edge shawl but just posted the cable and fringe border edge. Jill

  7. I cant wait for you to post the yellow knit triangle shawl with the fringe
    you have last communicated it seems in Feb
    I do hope to get the pattern soon:))

    1. Jeanne… sorry this has taken so long! Just posted the knitted on cable and fringe border this minute. It’s amazing how fast time flies… Jill

    1. Marieva, I just posted the knitted on cable fringe border. The leaf pattern is knitted on in the same way… in fact, any charted lace edge pattern can be used to knit onto the lower edge of the shawl. Cast on the appropriate number of stitches and on every right side row, knit one stitch from your edge together with one stitch from the body of your shawl. On the next row (ws) slip that first stitch. I hope to create a pattern for the leaf shawl specifically but this last pattern literally took me two years so… no promises. Jill

  8. Just wldering when you un will post the yellow one. Or if you can tell me what needles ypu used and yarn size. It appears to be 5 or 6 bulky. But I cant tell p . Ease gelp

    1. Hi, yes, I used 10 1/2 needles and the yarn is probably considered bulky – but with some very thin parts as well. I like working with nubby yarn that gives the fairly simple piece a lot of texture and interest.

    1. The gold shawl was knitted on size 10 1/2 needles and the yarn was a very nubby cotton, probably considered bulky weight but with some very thin parts as well.

    1. Amanda, I’m searching for my notes in order to write that pattern… not very organized here (the story of my life!) Hope to have it together soon. Jill

  9. HI Jill,
    I may be behind the times here! I have come across your free shawl patterns and I really like the green shawl with the leaf border and the optional borders. Have you any additional instructions please that you could email me so that I could have a go at making this item? Thank you so much for your help, very much appreciated.

    1. Hi Christine, sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you…. I’m just now finding the time to write that traveling leaf border for the shawl pattern. My day job recently ended (yippeeeee!!!) so I’ll now have the time to really tackle my to-do list. Should be available by mid-August if you’re still interested. I’ll post it in my etsy shop with a link here… Thanks for your patience! Jill

  10. I loved your triangle green shawl too much but need all the pattern with traveling leaves border . Can you help me? I’m not good on knitting so need more instructions for the body of the shawl and for the traveling leaves border. And one more question, is it possible to make the body of the shawl longer?

    1. Hi Fulya, sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you… yes, you can certainly make the body of the shawl longer. That’s up to you. As for the pattern with the traveling leaves, that is next on my agenda! My day job recently ended (Yeah!!!) and now I’ll have time to create more patterns, plus stained glass and wire knit jewelry for my etsy shops! Stay tuned! Jill

  11. Hello! I was wondering if the pattern for the leaf border had been released yet? Love the pattern and can’t wait to try it! Thanks!

    1. Hi Deonne, I have not had a chance to create that pattern quite yet but I have moved it to the top of the list! Now that my day job has ended (can I say “yippee!!!”) I’ll have time to devote to creating knitting patterns, stained glass items and wire knit jewelry for craft shows and my etsy shops. As soon as it’s available, I’ll let you know! Thanks for the nudge, I needed that! Jill

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