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Welcome to JiSTdesigns!

Welcome to JiSTdesigns!

Today is the first sunny spring day we’ve had in forever… and here I sit in front of the computer watching dark clouds roll in.

I’ve been planning to start a blog for a very long time but now that it’s in front of me, my mind is blank.  Guess that’s not unusual.  I’m more of a craftsperson than a writer so this blog will be filled with photos of my ideas and creations and some thoughts on my creative process (aka creative confusion!)

I work in fiber and glass… some day I’ll figure out a wonderful way to combine the two.  For now, I knit scarves, hats, wraps, fingerless or texting gloves, bags that are then felted and whatever else strikes my fancy.  My glass work is centered around functional items such as boxes and picture frames – things that have a purpose – although I have been know to create a “what the heck is that?” type object once in a while!

Here you’ll see it all!

Hope you enjoy!  ~jill